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Davidson County Defective Products Lawyer

In America, everything that is purchased starts somewhere. People often overlook the complexity of supply chains, but it becomes relevant in defective product lawsuits. From manufacturing plants to sprawling factories, and even private sellers making their own goods at home and selling online, everything people purchase or consume starts somewhere.

But who is accountable when a defective product causes injury? The answer is not simple and can lead to complex litigation. Therefore, speaking with a Davidson County defective products lawyer can be vital. A skilled personal injury attorney could help you pursue damages for injuries you sustained while using a faulty product.

Who Is Liable for a Defective Product?

According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, about 13 percent of all civil injury suits are for product liability claims. Determining who to sue in these cases can be difficult because the victim who suffered injury does not know who along the supply chain caused the defect. Common defendants in product liability cases include:

  • Manufacturers
  • Quality control engineers and companies
  • Designers and design consultants
  • Retailers

While these are the main components of the supply chain, other parties that could potentially be liable include suppliers, distributors, technical experts, salespeople, supply chain managers, third-party dealers, and marketers or advertisers.

Cases With Multiple Defendants

Plaintiffs benefit from the doctrine of joint and several liability. This phrase refers to the responsibility of defendants because each defendant is liable both jointly and severally under this rule. If one defendant is unable to compensate a victim due to lack of funds, or any other reason, the other defendants will be responsible.

In some cases, when an individual knows they suffered an injury, but cannot identify who exactly caused the injury, the defendants may be responsible for determining which party caused the negligence. This theory res ipsa loquitur and is another strong reason to file lawsuits against multiple defendants.

What Types of Torts are Considered Products Liability?

Each case is different and the type of complaint a plaintiff will file depends largely upon the details of their case. Examples of the three most common products liability lawsuits include manufacturing defects for products that fail to match their original design, design defects for inherently flawed products, and marketing defects for products that fail to provide notice of potential harm.

Insurance in Davidson County Products Liability Cases

In many cases, defendants in a products liability case are protected by products liability insurance. This protects the defendants from legal liability for personal injuries or damage associated with a product defect.

This also protects plaintiffs by creating a system whereby there is likely money available to compensate for injuries. Dealing with insurance companies is difficult, however, since the goal of the insurance company will be to deny an individual’s claim. A Davidson County defective products lawyer could help an individual interact with insurance companies, and work to protect the plaintiff’s rights.

Consulting a Davidson County Defective Products Attorney

If you have questions about your products liability case, contact an attorney today. Under Tennessee Code §28-3-104(a)(1), an individual only has one year to file a lawsuit for a products liability case. Failing to file within this period will result in the case being dismissed, regardless of the seriousness of the claim or injuries.

To file your suit and learn more about how to make the law work for you, contact a Davidson County defective products lawyer today. An attorney can help you understand the legal process and what rights you have.

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