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Clarksville Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

Collisions between vehicles and pedestrians may result in significant or even fatal injuries. Pedestrians have very little protection and the force of a car or truck can produce devastating consequences.

Filing a lawsuit in Clarksville may be difficult as there are various rules and regulations to follow. A person recovering from severe injuries could feel confused and intimidated by the legal process. If you were involved in a pedestrian accident, consult with a Clarksville pedestrian accident lawyer. A seasoned personal injury attorney could review your circumstances, determine what compensation may be available, and help walk you through the legal process.

Regulations That Apply to Pedestrians

In Tennessee, pedestrians are given the right-of-way at intersections and driveways. However, this does not exclude pedestrians from complying with safety regulations. Pedestrians have a duty to:

  • Act responsibly at intersections and on roadways
  • Observe traffic-control signals
  • Use sidewalks in a responsible manner
  • Look before crossing a highway
  • Yield to vehicles on the roadway

Pedestrians should follow the traffic or pedestrian control signals when using the crosswalk. Clarksville laws stipulate that a pedestrian should use sidewalks when available. However, when sidewalks are not accessible, a pedestrian may walk along the left side of the roadway or the shoulder facing the traffic approaching from the opposite direction. If one has any questions about the regulations that apply to pedestrians, they should consult with an accomplished lawyer.

Compensation After a Pedestrian Accident in Clarksville

All drivers must exercise a duty of care and obey the laws of the road. If a driver fails to do so and crashes into a pedestrian, that driver may be held responsible for damages.

For any pedestrian in an accident, the days following could be filled with physical pain, frustration, worry, and financial hardship due to mounting medical bills and lost wages. Compensation that a person may be able to receive largely depends upon the severity of the incurred injuries, fault established by the court, and witness testimony.

Some of the damages that may apply to a pedestrian accident case could include:

  • Past, present and future lost wages
  • Medical expenses
  • Long-term medical care
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Loss of consortium

Statute of Limitations

In Tennessee, the plaintiff has one year from the time of injury to file a claim for compensation according to Tenn. Code Ann. §28-3-104. This is not a significant amount of time to file an action. However, a knowledgeable Clarksville pedestrian accident lawyer could review the case, communicate with the opposing party or their attorney, and negotiate with the insurance company to help streamline the legal process.

Contact a Clarksville Pedestrian Accident Attorney

Compensation may increase a person’s ability to cope with the damage, pain, and suffering that could follow a pedestrian accident. When pressure to pay medical and personal expenses is relieved, it usually allows for some peace of mind.

Speak with a skilled pedestrian accident attorney in Clarksville who understands the pain and suffering you may be enduring following your pedestrian accident. A Clarksville pedestrian accident lawyer could review the accident and medical reports, and help determine what legal options you have. Call today and schedule a consultation.

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