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Clarksville Dog Bite Lawyer

Dogs may not seem threatening or dangerous, however when they bite the damage could be extensive. A person may need stitches or even surgery following a dog bite incident. Medical expenses can quickly pile up.

If you were bitten by a dog and were injured or harmed in any way, seek the legal advice of a seasoned Clarksville dog bite lawyer. A seasoned attorney could look at the circumstances surrounding your case, collect evidence, and help you pursue compensation that may be available.

Why Might a Dog Bite Occur?

Following a dog bite accident, someone may wonder why the dog attacked. Although there may never be a good answer to this question as every case is different, a dog may bite:

  • When scared, stressed, or threatened
  • To protect puppies, other pets, or owners
  • When sick or startled
  • Accidentally, during play
  • When the dog has a propensity for aggression

One-Bite Rule in Clarksville

Tennessee is generally considered a one-bite state. Meaning, a dog owner is typically not held liable for injuries inflicted by their dog the first time the dog attacks. There is an exception to this rule, however. A dog owner may not be held liable for injuries caused by their dog to someone trespassing onto the property that they own, lease, or occupy.

Collecting Evidence to Prove Liability

Given the state’s general one-bite law, those who suffer dog bite injuries in Clarksville may feel they have little recourse. Fortunately, a Clarksville dog bite lawyer who is well-versed could investigate the accident and potentially direct responsibility to the dog owner if possible.

Evidence could be required to establish that the dog’s owner knew or should have known of the dog’s dangerous propensities. An attorney could do this by:

  • Identifying witnesses
  • Accessing any available surveillance video
  • Gathering photographs of the injury and attack scene
  • Obtaining injury treatment records, medical bills, and police reports

Non-Aggressive Dog Accidents

Injuries caused by a dog attack are not always due to aggressive behavior of the dog. For example, common non-aggressive dog accidents include knock-downs, tripping, or falling over. Large dogs can weigh more than 100 pounds. In an excited state, a dog could easily knock someone over. Smaller dogs can go unnoticed and often wind up underfoot. This can cause a trip and fall accident. Additionally, the force of a large dog’s body may be enough to push an unsuspecting person over.

Injuries from non-aggressive dog accidents can be just as devastating as those inflicted by a vicious dog. For this reason, the Supreme Court has defined dangerous propensity to include those injuries caused by a dog’s playfulness or mischievousness. In other words, if an owner has prior knowledge of their dog’s propensity to jump on others, knocking them to the ground, they may be liable for any injuries caused.

Let a Clarksville Dog Bite Attorney Assist

Dog bite accidents can produce serious injuries and potentially alter a person’s life. When an attack by a dog occurs, a person could be left with wounds that require significant medical attention.

Along with pain and discomfort, this may also result in overwhelming medical bills. Find a determined and knowledgeable Clarksville dog bite lawyer who could help negotiate with insurance companies and review different legal strategies. Stay focused on recovery and let a skilled legal representative tackle the procedures.

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