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Causes of Paralysis in Nashville

Paralysis refers to severe impairment resulting from injuries. Paralysis can be partial, affecting specific limbs on someone’s body, or it can affect a person’s entire body. It can also be temporary, lasting a period of weeks or months, or permanent. Causes of paralysis in Nashville include trauma, medical conditions, and in some instances, medical negligence. If you have become paralyzed as the result of injuries sustained due to negligence, speak with a compassionate and capable paralysis attorney that could help you hold the responsible party liable.

Common Causes of Paralysis

The most common cause of paralysis seems to be as a result of trauma. General causes of paralysis in Nashville would be car accidents, truck accidents, some type of fall or product injury that is going to cause an impact to the brain or to the spinal cord.

The second type of common cause is as a result of some type of illness, perhaps causing a lack of oxygen leading to paralysis. There are medical malpractice cases involving trauma during birth that result in paralysis. There are cases resulting in paralysis that began with someone getting by a tick and receiving negligent treatment afterward.

For example, strokes very commonly cause paralysis if not treated right away. If a stroke is diagnosed and treated generally in an ER or hospital setting in a timely manner, then there can be little or no paralysis. However, there are cases where somebody goes to the doctor immediately for a stroke and paralysis still results.

Medical Malpractice as a Cause of Paralysis

Negligent chiropractors have caused paralysis cases by twisting and turning somebody’s neck. There can be all sorts of different causes of paralysis in Nashville. In order to hold somebody accountable for a paralysis injury, they must have had a duty to meet a certain standard. An injured person must show that it was the negligence or reckless behavior of the doctor, the chiropractor, or whoever it may be that caused the paralysis that could have easily been avoided.

Determining Liability in Paralysis Cases

Liability is determined in a paralysis case in the same way as any other injury case. As mentioned above, an attorney must look at what duty the at-fault party had and whether or not they breached that duty. Essentially, this questions asks whether someone did something wrong that should not have. In a car accident case, when somebody is not paying attention and misses a stop sign, they had a duty to stop and failed to. They breached their duty and can be held liable if that breach resulted in causing someone’s paralysis. That same logic applies to all injury cases, whether or not someone did something they should not have. They had to have made a conscious choice to disregard the safety of others and that has led to these damages.

Contributory Negligence in Paralysis Cases

If the injured party is the one at fault, that will severely impact their ability to recover damages for their injuries. Juries can also assess liability as a percentage and reduce the damages by the injured parties’ percentage of fault. If they felt the injured party was 20 percent at fault, they will reduce the recovery by 20 percent.

Role of an Accident Victim’s Negligence in Paralysis Cases

People do have the option in this country as far as how they want to treat their injuries. If they choose to go against their doctor’s wishes, that is their decision. People often will want to take their own chances. If that is the case, they are unable to hold their doctor or hospital accountable because it is a decision they have made on their own accord.

How Work-Related Injuries Can Result in Paralysis

Workplace injuries resulting in paralysis are fairly uncommon. This may be a result of the United States trying to become a safer working country by updating construction safety equipment. There are not as many of the same construction accidents that used to occur. Hopefully, when these injuries do occur in the workplace they do not rise to the level of permanent paralysis. However, these injuries do happen, unfortunately. Whenever people are engaging in physical activity injuries will happen, but fortunately, these injuries are not very common. If an individual wants to know more about causes of paralysis in Nashville and what their next steps should be if they have sustained an injury, they should consult an accomplished paralysis attorney that could help.

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