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Benefit of a Nashville Premises Liability Attorney

Sustaining an injury while on someone’s property can be an embarrassing, painful, and sometimes fatal experience. Following the incident, you may wonder whether you have any legal recourse, especially if your incident was due to the negligence of the property owner. The benefit of a Nashville premises liability attorney is that they can look at the facts of your case, tell you whether you should move forward or not, and help you pursue damages if you do have a case. Get in touch with a skilled personal injury lawyer today and know that you are in capable hands.

What People Should Know About Premises Liability

They need to immediately either contact a lawyer or send a letter or email or something in writing to that business advising them of the injury and request that the business keep any videos, pictures, or evidence of the scene. The injured person wants to know what happened and once the evidence is gone, it is gone for good. Proving liability without any photograph or video evidence is extremely difficult.

Just because a person is injured at a business does not mean that the business is responsible for their injuries. The injured person has to prove that that business or premises owner knew that there was a danger or should have known that there was a danger, and they failed to protect the person from that danger, and that is why they were injured.

An injured person really needs to contact a lawyer for these cases, and very quickly. The longer they wait to call a lawyer, the more difficult it is for the lawyer to obtain all the necessary evidence. One benefit of a Nashville premises liability attorney is that they will represent the injured person on a contingency fee basis. That means there is no cost to the injured person for the attorney to look into the matter, and that the attorney will be paid his fee and reimbursed for his costs when the case is settled.

Misconceptions About Premises Liability Cases

The most common misconception is that the business is responsible for any injury sustained on the premises. That is not true. Sometimes people just fall. Sometimes there may be a dangerous condition like spilled milk or water on the floor, but the owner did not know about the condition and did not have an opportunity to learn about it or correct it. That is the most common misconception. Just because a person is hurt at a business does not mean the business has to pay the injured person’s medical bills. The injured person has to prove the business was negligent.

Expectations When Working With a Lawyer

When working with a Nashville premises liability lawyer, people should expect honest answers. Not every case is a viable lawsuit. The benefit of a Nashville premises liability attorney is that they can review the case thoroughly, and advise the injured person on the strength of their case and whether they should move forward with a lawsuit.

What an Attorney Needs to Know

Often a referral to an attorney by word of mouth from satisfied customers; other lawyers will refer someone to an attorney who specializes in certain areas, and there is always the Internet.

The lawyer will need to know why the accident happened and why the injured person thinks it is the business owner’s fault. They will also want to know:

  • What the person’s injuries are?
  • How bad were they hurt?
  • How are they doing now?
  • What the person’s expectations are from filing a lawsuit?
  • What they want to happen in a lawsuit?

Discussing an Ongoing Case With Others

It is important that individuals do not discuss the details of their case. They should not talk about anything regarding the case until they have spoken to a lawyer. The only person they need to be discussing their injuries with is their spouse, their immediate family, and their physician. There is no need to talk to anyone else about it until they have spoken with a lawyer.

Consulting an Attorney

Premises liability cases are difficult. An injured person has to prove that the owner knew of a danger, and failed to protect the person from that danger. The benefit of a Nashville premises liability lawyer is that they can walk you through this difficult process.

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