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Bed Rail Entrapment Injuries

Potential Dangers of Bed Rails in Nursing Homes

There is no doubt that when used properly bed rails can be a great safety tool in nursing homes. Used correctly bed rails can decrease chances of injuries related to falls out of a bed and other injuries that someone may suffer while in a bed. These bed rails are intended to decrease the likelihood of injuries but many times patients can become trapped in their bed rail leading to more serious and potential life-threatening injuries and medical conditions. If someone you care about has sustained an injury because of a bed rail, then it is recommended that you talk to a Tennessee bed rail injury lawyer right away. They will review your claim and make sure you receive the compensation you need for what you have been through.

What is a Bed Rail and how can it Cause Injuries?

Bed rails are adjustable plastic or metal bars that are often used in nursing homes to help the resident get out of bed safely. They can also be used to reduce the risk of a resident falling out of bed at night while they are sleeping. However, if a person is older and more frail like many nursing home residents are then it is likely that they can become stuck between the bed rail and the mattress. This is also more likely to occur if the bed frame and bed rail are not lined up correctly. This can lead to a sufficient space in between the mattress and rail in which a resident can become stuck. If a resident is unable to move from this space or to call for help, they can become severely injured and may even suffocate.

What are the Types of Severe Injuries a Patient can Suffer From a Bed Rail?

Bed rail injuries occur more often than most people might think. According to the Food and Drug Administration, between 1985 and 2008, there have been seven hundred and twenty-two bed rail injury cases. Injuries a patient can suffer from a bed rail may include but are limited to:

  • Getting bruised, cut or scraped by the bed rail
  • Anxiety of a patient if the bed rail is used to prevent movement
  • Not being able to eat, drink, or use the restroom because the bed rail prevents movement
  • Falling if a patient tries to get over the bed rail
  • Feeling alone or cut off from others because of the bed rail
  • Being strangled or suffocated by the bed rail if a patient gets stuck
  • Death
How can Bed Rail Injuries be Prevented?

Bed rails are helpful for preventing patients from injuring themselves while in bed or while they are sleeping. However, bed rails should only be used if it is determined they are needed and only during the time of day that they are needed. It is also important that bed rails only be put together and used by people that know how to properly use them. If you do not know how to properly use a bed rail then it is important that you ask someone with training and experience for help.

What can a Tennessee Bed Rail Injury Lawyer do to help me?

If you think that someone you know has been injured or passed away due to a bed rail incident, then we strongly advised that you speak to one of our experienced and caring Tennessee Nursing Home Malpractice lawyer with the Higgins Firm immediately. We care about our clients and will work with you to get the proof we need for your case. We will help you get the compensation you and your loved ones deserve and that the party responsible is held accountable for their actions.

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