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Basic Facts about Social Security Claims

People all across the United States and the residents of Tennessee need money in order to pay for everyday living expenses and to maintain their standard of living. However, some people may not be able to work anymore due to a chronic medical condition or disability. The process of getting approved by the Social Security Administration for these benefits is not easy. In fact, at least fifty percent of people who now receive benefits were denied the first time they applied. If you or a loved one feels that you should qualify for Social Security benefits but have been denied, you should speak with a Tennessee Social Security attorney right away. They will hear your case and work with you to make sure you receive the benefits you deserve.

What are the Different Benefits Provided by the Social Security Administration?

The Social Security Administration’s disability insurance program provides benefits with two different programs, these programs include: Social Security Disability or SSD and Supplement Security Income or SSI.

The Social Security Disability program is for people and Tennessee residents who have worked for a certain length of time and who have paid Social Security taxes for a required period of time. People who qualify for these benefits will receive a monthly payment which is determined by the amount of taxes you have paid. SSD benefits also include eligibility for Medicare which includes medical care as well as prescription drug benefits. People who are dependent on you, including adult children who were diagnosed with a disability before twenty-two years of age, are also entitled to benefits under the SSD program.

The Supplement Security Income program or SSI provides benefits to children and adults with disability that have low or limited incomes and have not paid enough Social Security taxes to receive SSD benefits. Tennessee residents and people all across the country who receive SSI benefits are also eligible for Medicaid coverage.

How do I Qualify for These Benefits?

In order to qualify for and receive either Social Security Disability or Supplement Security Income benefits you must be able to provide proof of a severe physical or mental impairment that leaves you unable to work. This can be a long and difficult progress even if you have written documentation from a medical professional.

How can a Tennessee Social Security Attorney Help With my Case?

If you have already been denied benefits by the Social Security Administration, a Tennessee Social Security attorney can hear your case and work with you to appeal the decision. The first part of this process would be reconsideration by the Social Security Administration. This process will include people that were not involved in the first decision. You will be given a letter that explains how the decision was reached. Since it often difficult to receive a reconsideration request that results in a new decision, a Tennessee attorney can help with this process by helping to provide you with additional medical information that was not received or considered during the first application process.

If you do not agree with the reconsideration decision, you then have the right to a hearing with an Administrative Law Judge. This judge will make a decision that is based on evidence which will also include your testimony. The judge will assume the original decision made by the Social Security Administration is correct. This is when you and a Tennessee Social Security attorney can provide additional evidence and testimony to be considered by the judge.

In most cases, you have sixty days after receiving notice of reconsider to request an appeal. During the sixty days the Social Administration will assume that received notice of the reconsideration decision five days after it was mailed unless you can provide proof that you received it later than that date. It is important that you have a Tennessee attorney help you with your appeal process because if you do not file the appeal in time, the judge will dismiss the appeal and you may not be able to take additional steps in the appeal process. If you require more than sixty days to file an appeal, you must provide a sufficient reason and be able to explain that reason as well as request for an extension.

If you or a loved one thinks that you have been wrongfully denied your Social Security benefits due to a disability, you should contact a Tennessee Social Security attorney at the Higgins Firm. We care about and will review your case to make sure you receive the benefits you are entitled to by law.

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