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Bad Faith Insurance

You have worked hard to obtain your assets over the years and so you buy insurance coverage as protection. The insurance gladly accepts your monthly premium payments but sometimes when it is time to help pay for a loss the insurance company is not as cooperative. We have seen this happen in fire cases, theft cases, sink hole cases and other types of insurance claims.

If an insurance company refuses to respect their contract agreement without good cause then they may be practicing what is known as “bad faith”. If you have not interacted with insurance companies often, you may not realize that this type of practice occurs. Most people feel that if they pay their premiums that the insurance companies will honor their claims. Unfortunately, this is often not the case.

The attorneys at the Higgins Firm have the knowledge and experience that is needed to handle insurance companies that have “bad faith” practices. Several clients in the Nashville area have come to our firm alleging “bad faith” insurance practices, including claims about insurance companies not being upfront about certain fees, being discriminated against, insurance companies being fraudulent in their practices, and disagreements about coverage. Some people in Tennessee bought additional health insurance policies as well as life insurance coverage and policies that covered if they became disabled and they had their claims refused by the companies. Insurance for your home, insurance in case of a flood or fire, vehicle, and insurance for your business may also be included in bad faith lawsuits. There can be many types of bad faith insurance lawsuits because your insurance company may make all sorts of claims in order to defend their action to not honor your contract. Some of these claims may include but are not limited to:

  • Stating that your policy was cancelled due to your failure to pay your premium.
  • Your claim is not included in your coverage plan
  • You failed to meet the terms of your policy
  • The expenses you have are excessive
  • You do not have the proper coverage for your claim

There may be many reasons an insurance company refuses to honor your contract but they will always accept payment of your premiums and then refuse to pay for your reasonable claim.

Tennessee as well as federal laws concerning bad faith insurance are constantly being modified, however, Tennessee law should always require the person or company providing the insurance and the person that has the insurance to seek a solution and work together in a “reasonable” manner. If you are a Tennessee insurance policy holder then you are entitled to certain rights.

If you or a loved one thinks that you may be the victim of bad faith insurance practices, then it is strongly advised that you speak to one of our experienced and knowledgeable attorneys with the Higgins Firm. We will answer any questions you may and review your case to work with you through the complicated and often confusing process of taking action against a bad faith claim. Insurance companies will usually be more agreeable to settling your claim promptly if they know you have an experienced Tennessee attorney on your side. If your insurance claim has been refused or you feel that the insurance company is acted in an unfair manner, we will fight for you and help you get the compensation you are entitled to. You will not be charged unless your settlement is successful.

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