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Bad Faith Insurance

Billions of dollars are paid to insurance companies each year by people across the country, but some policyholders still fight to receive adequate benefits. Tennessee bad faith insurance claims arise either when

  1. A Tennessee insurance company fails to pay a claim without reason, or when
  2. A Tennessee insurance company has taken a position that goes against its insurance coverage policy.

"Bad Faith Insurance Practices" is a term used to describe the failure of an insurance company to honor its contract. Unless you have experienced how some insurance companies operate, you may not be aware of this problem. You may think: "I pay my premiums, so of course my claim it will be paid." But it doesn't always work that way.

Attorney Jim Higgins and his Tennessee bad faith insurance lawyers at the Higgins Law Firm know firsthand about big insurance companies' abuses. Many insurance complaints from our Tennessee clients have led to insurance lawsuits over bad faith insurance, hidden fees, discrimination, insurance fraud, and coverage disputes. Some Tennesseans have even purchased supplemental health insurance, life insurance, and/or disability coverage yet still had their insurance claims denied. Other insurance types subject to bad faith litigation include homeowner insurance, flood and fire insurance, vehicle (auto, truck, boat, RV insurance, etc.), and business insurance.

Tennessee bad faith insurance cases take on many forms. An insurer who refuses payment on a claim may offer any number of the following excuses to defend their breach of contract:

  1. Your policy was canceled for non-payment of a premium
  2. Your loss is not covered under the policy
  3. You did not comply with the policy terms
  4. Your expenses are unreasonable
  5. You do not have the correct coverage

Though the insurance company's excuses are endless, the bottom line is the same: insurance companies gladly accept your premiums but hesitate to pay your valid claims.

Tennessee and federal law regarding bad faith insurance is always changing, but one matter remains the same. Bad faith law in Tennessee requires both the insurer and the insurance holder pursue resolution and act in a "reasonable" manner. All Tennessee insurance policy holders have rights. If you believe you are a victim of bad faith insurance, you are not alone.

Our Chattanooga office defends the rights of the insurance policy holders throughout Tennessee and has the experience and resources to fight the big insurance companies. Our team of experienced lawyers will evaluate your claim and help guide you through the difficult process of pursuing a bad faith claim. Insurance companies are always more willing to settle insurance claims quickly when policyholders are represented by an experience Tennessee attorney. Often, Attorney Jim Higgins' reputation among insurance industry lawyers will enable us to settle your claim without pricy court costs.

At The Higgins Firm, we don't charge a fee unless we successfully recover a settlement in your case. If you believe that your insurance company has unfairly denied your claim or that the insurance company has acted unreasonably, take action. Call the Higgins Firm today and let us defend your Tennessee rights and work toward the settlement you deserve.

For free answers to your legal questions about bad faith insurance claims, call us toll-free at 800.705.2121 or contact a Tennessee insurance lawyer online.

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