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Why Great Clients Team With The Higgins Firm

Track Record: Over 98% Success Rate –OVER 100 MILLION in Compensation Paid to Clients

Over the time The Higgins Firm has been practicing law, our clients have recovered over one-hundred million dollars in compensation.

In most cases, our clients settle quickly and fairly out of court. Good settlements like these keep you and your family from enduring the jittery uncertainty of lengthy trials.

Of the cases we do take, settled out of court or through trial, over 98% have prevailed in satisfactory victory for our clients.

This does not guarantee success in your case, but with this strong history of success, you’ll have greater confidence.

You’ll know, regardless of the complexity or high-stakes involved in your case, we fight hard to get the fair and just compensation you deserve for being injured.

You’ll Spend Nothing Out-of-Pocket

If your case has merit, and we both agree to move forward to prosecute it, the The Higgins Firm will cover all costs and expenses.

  • Investigations and research
  • Interviewing potential witnesses
  • Filing motions & required documentation
  • Negotiating on your behalf with the defendants
  • Depositions, settlement negotiations, court appearances

We make this financial commitment firmly believing our expertise will yield a victory that justly compensates you, including legal fees, for the injuries you have.

This contingency fee arrangement fully protects your downside. Higgins takes all the financial risk and will not be reimbursed UNTIL YOU WIN.

Save Yourself and Your Family from the Devastation of Personal Injury.

Personal Injuries are upsetting and destabilizing. Medical bills pile up, and the repercussions can rock your world. You don’t know where to turn or who you can trust.

Injury after injury, Tennesseans have turned to The Higgins Firm for help. We’ve represented numerous lawyers in their own personal injury case. It’s why several other local law firms refer so many personal injury cases to us.

We know Tennessee personal injury law inside-out, and we win.

You need to protect yourself when you’ve been injured or even if you suspect an injury is developing. Waiting to seek professional advice can damage your case.

The laws are tricky. Without knowing what traps lie ahead you can quickly put yourself at a disadvantage. At Higgins, we will never let that happen.

Remember, insurance companies don’t want to compensate you fairly for injuries you’ve sustained. Their job is to pay as little as possible, no matter the injury. With a background in insurance law, Jim Higgins knows just what moves insurance companies will make. Knowing the enemy gives your team a huge advantage.

Do You Really Have a Winnable Personal Injury Case?

You may really have a legitimate case. The first step is to simply ask. It’s as easy as giving us a call.

When you talk with Higgins, you hear the facts, the reality, and what the likelihood of victory is in pursuing a lawsuit. If your chances are slim, we tell you. No doubletalk.

Getting together your legal dream team early is necessary. You cannot fight this fight on your own. You need an advocate.

Contact us however you feel most comfortable - just click your choice below.

Client Reviews
When my mother was neglected in a nursing home I was referred to The Higgins Firm for help. They did a great job representing my family and obtained a significant settlement. Hopefully, this will keep someone else's parent from being mistreated in the future. Angie S.
I have a large collection practice and don't handle personal injury cases. Instead of simply declining a case, I referred it to The Higgins Firm. They handled everything. My client got a large recovery and I got a large co-counsel fee. The client and I were both very happy. Attorney Bo Melton
The best injury lawyers in Nashville. They represented my son in a car accident case and did an awesome job. James D.