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$20 Sexual Harassment Settlement for Fox’s Gretchen Carlson

By now, many are familiar with Gretchen Carlson’s sexual harassment lawsuit against Fox News. This popular Cable News Network has reshaped how news has been delivered over the past twenty years. Carlson was a fixture at Fox, yet during her time there, she was repeatedly harassed by both colleges and her boss – Roger Ailes. Her claim included Ailes making comments about how they should have had a sexual relationship and how he would ask her to turn around and show him her backside. These completely inappropriate remarks, she said, where a characterization of the entire culture at Fox – one where women were expected to have sex with their bosses or to at least tolerate their advances and comments. After the suit was filed, many other women from the network came out in support of Carlson, sharing their own stories of sexual harassment. Instead of going to trial, Fox’s parent company decided to settle the case for $20 million.

Defining Sexual Harassment

Whether you are a famous reporter or an everyday employee, the law protects everyone form sexually harassment. If it is happening to you, you have legal options. You do not have to stand for this behavior or tolerate it in any way. Instead, you should call our law firm to discuss your rights and your legal options. In the meantime, here is information that can help you to determine whether or not you are being legally harassed.

Harassment may include –

• Unwanted sexual advances or a boss or colleague soliciting you for sex.
• Catcalls or whistles in a sexual manner.
• Unwanted touching.
• Demands such as “come here, turn around, give me a smile” etc.
• Lewd behavior or touching oneself.
• Talking about sex or sexual behavior.
• Stalking.
• Requests for dates after being rejected.
• Sexist jokes and comments.
• Invading personal space.
• Offering sex for a promotion, advancement or money.
• Calling sexual names like “hot stuff, sexy, baby” etc.
• Asking or demanding that you wear tight or revealing clothing.
• Forcing you to stand, sit, walk, or move in certain ways.
• Pressing or rubbing you.
• Demand for sex.
These are only some of the signs of sexual harassment. If you feel that you are being harassed and your situation is not on this list, call our office anyway so that I can discuss what is happening and let you know how to proceed.

Your Rights

You not only have the right to sue but you also have the right to keep your job. If you are worried about taking legal action because you need this income source, let me know. It is possible for you to seek compensation and for the behaviors to stop without being fired. The situation could become awkward but legally, they cannot fire you without it being retaliation. Still, it is critical that you receive sufficient legal advice prior to taking action to ensure that your rights will be protected.
Schedule a Consultation
To discuss your rights, your options, and what the potential value of your harassment claim could be, call 1.800.705.2121 and schedule a free consultation. As a Tennessee attorney, Jim Higgins will fight for your rights. Since the initial consultation is free, you have nothing to lose. If you win, you will become safer and more comfortable at work while also having more money in the bank.
While most cases do not result in as large of a payout as Carlson’s, you can be certain that attorney Jim Higgins will fight to get you as much money as possible.

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