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Franklin Failure to Yield Accident Lawyer

Whether yielding to pedestrians in a crosswalk, yielding to oncoming traffic when making a left-hand turn or yielding to the right of way, understanding traffic laws is a requirement to be able to drive. Failure to yield accidents often occur when a driver misunderstands or disregards traffic laws.

If you or someone you love suffered an injury in a collision caused by an irresponsible driver, a Franklin failure to yield accident lawyer could help. Call today to set up a confidential consultation with an accomplished car crash attorney who is knowledgeable about local car accident law and could offer you guidance on how to approach it. Even if you are unsure whether you want to pursue legal action, a conversation with an attorney may help you determine your next steps.

Common Causes of Failure to Yield Crashes

Yield signs signal to drivers that they should be slowing down or stopping depending on the traffic around them. Too often, though, drivers see yield signs as optional and choose to barrel through them instead of treating the intersection with caution. This causes numerous serious accidents each year. Other factors that can lead to failure to yield crashes include:

  • Speeding
  • Reckless driving 
  • Distractions, particularly those from cell phones
  • Impairment from alcohol or drugs
  • Failure to comply with traffic laws
  • Inattentiveness

The last point is perhaps the most common cause of failure to yield crashes. Whether distracted by their cell phone or simply not focused enough on the road, it can be deceptively easy for motorists to find themselves colliding with another vehicle when they do not pay attention to their surroundings.

Seeking Compensation for Car Accident Injuries

Not every car accident victim is entitled to compensation, but if another driver fails to yield and causes an accident, they may be held liable in civil court. Subsequently, if a driver caused an accident that resulted in injuries, they may have to pay for those injuries.

The law in Franklin, Tennessee allows people injured in car accidents to pursue compensation from the at-fault driver responsible for the wreck. Every case is different, but victims frequently pursue damages to cover the costs associated with pain and suffering, lost wages, emotional pain, loss of earning capacity, and medical bills. For especially egregious behavior, courts may award punitive damages to punish the at-fault party and dissuade any further accidents. A Franklin failure to yield accident lawyer could help an individual recover the compensation that they deserve.

Consulting a Franklin Failure to Yield Accident Attorney

After an accident, there is often little time to waste. Collisions that result in injuries typically also result in expensive medical bills. While you may want to focus on healing and recuperating, the financial impact of a crash may be felt almost immediately.

While it is easy to feel overwhelmed by the legal process, you may find your troubles less burdensome after talking with a compassionate and knowledgeable local attorney. If you or someone you love has suffered injury in a crash, call a Franklin failure to yield accident lawyer today. With their help, you may be able to gain a better understanding of your legal options and what steps you may need to take next.

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