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Filing a Lawsuit with an Abilify Lawyer

Feeling as if you have no control over your actions could be incredibly disheartening and lead to a number of personal, familial or financial problems. The commonly prescribed drug, Abilify, carries side effects which may lead to one of these compulsive behaviors in select people. The Higgins Firm is currently investigating possible claims on behalf of individuals who have been prescribed Abilify and encountered uncontrollable urges to gamble or other possible injuries such as type-2 diabetes. Our attorneys are well versed in pharmaceutical and personal injury lawsuits, and are interested in hearing what you may have to say.

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What is Abilify?

Abilify is the common brand name for the antipsychotic drug known as aripiorazole.  It’s developed and manufactured by Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co. and Bristol-Myers Squibb and prescribed to treat schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, as well as severe depression or tic disorders.  Abilify has been on the market since 2002; however its risky side effects have been known and addressed only recently. Between 2002 and 2005, Abilify was prescribed to children; health and safety concerns emerged leading to a lawsuit and $515 million settlement for improper marketing with the U.S. Justice Department

As of 2016, Abilify has been entangled in a copious number of legal cases in the United States; specifically for the development of uncontrollable urges including gambling, binge eating, hypersexual behavior, extreme weight gain and type-2 diabetes. Leading Abilify lawyers, and the FDA, has made it known that Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co. and Bristol-Myers Squibb were aware of these side effects, but failed to properly warn users and prescribing doctors.

Why You May Want to Consider Filing an Abilify Lawsuit Obligation to Public

When you or a loved one began taking Abilify, you entrusted the manufactures Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co. and Bristol-Myers Squibb with your health and wellbeing. As a pharmaceutical company, they have an obligation to inform and educate the general public about any and all possible side effects Abilify may cause. With this drug in particular, there is ample evidence to show the drug companies were aware of the risks, but did not meet these obligations.

Lack of a Thorough Abilify Warning Label

The drugs’ packaging includes warnings of suicidal thoughts or an increase risk of death in elderly people with dementia. Up until August of 2016, the warning label in The United States did not mention the risk for compulsive behaviors; despite the label in Canada and The EU to do so. The new label, which was requested by the FDA, does include stronger warnings; however, this will not help those who have already been affected by Abilify.

Similar Pharmaceutical Lawsuits

Abilify is not the first drug to provoke legal claims for the development of compulsive gambling. The drug Mirapex is prescribed to treat Parkinson’s disease and also carries a significant risk of uncontrollable urges. Although research is still ongoing, similarly to Mirapex affecting the dopamine receptor (D3) in the brain, scientists believe Abilify does the same thing. In other comparable pharmaceutical lawsuits, lawyers have made allegations including:

  • The failure to warn the public of side effects
  • Selling defective medications
  • Concealing or ignoring potential health risks
  • Distorting the safety and effectiveness of the drug
What You May Be Able to Seek Compensation for>When You File an Abilify Claim

Every claim is unique; therefore, it is recommended to contact an Abilify law firm to discuss your possible case. In general, the lawyer may be able help you seek liable damages for the following:

  • Depleted savings or lost money
  • Family problems (i.e. divorce)
  • Legal consequences (i.e. home foreclosure)
  • Pain and suffering
  • Past and future medical treatment expenses
  • Emotional damage
  • Restore quality of life
A Free Consultation with an Nashville Abilify Lawyer You Can Trust

If you or a family member has been battling a compulsive urge to gamble after taking the medication Abilify, you may be entitled to legal compensation. The Nashville Injury Lawyers at The Higgins Firm, are interested in hearing possible Abilify claims in Tennessee. If you or a family member has been diagnosed with type-2 diabetes or a compulsive urge such as gambling after beginning treatment with the drug, please contact our Tennessee Abilify law firm now at 1.800.705.2121.

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