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Defective and Dangerous Roads

Typically when a car accident occurs, it is due to the carelessness of another driver. However, sometimes problems with a road, sign or traffic light can also lead to serious accidents and injuries. If someone you love was injured in a car accident and you suspect a defective road or traffic light may have been the cause, you should talk to a Tennessee Defective Road and car accident lawyer with the Higgins Firm. We will review your case and work with you so that you get any compensation that is rightfully yours for the injuries you have suffered.

What kinds of Road Problems can cause car accidents?

Roads throughout Tennessee may have problems or defects that can cause or be a contributing factor in a car crash. Some road problems that can exist may include but are not limited to:

  • not having enough guardrails on a road or highway
  • poorly designed water structures to deal with drainage
  • curves that may be too steep or improperly designed for safety
  • not enough space on the side of a road or highway
  • poorly maintained potholes and other cracks
  • inadequate maintenance of trees or other plants leading to an overgrowth that impacts the road
  • unclear signs about dangerous portions of the road such as curves, holes, or bumps
  • not enough signs to warn drivers about construction areas and zones
Who is to blame when a car accident is caused by a road problem?

If a car accident occurs because of a problem with the road, the government that has ownership of and control over the road may be to blame and may be held responsible for the accident because it is their responsibility to make sure roads and highways are safe and well maintained for all drivers. It is also their responsibility to properly warn people about any hazardous road conditions they should expect. An example of an accident that is caused by a road problem could be if there was not a guardrail on a highway or road, this could lead to a car being rolled over and causing it to crash into another car and cause an accident which may result in serious and even life-threatening injuries as well as damage to the vehicles involved. If the government knew about these road conditions and they failed to correct them or to warn drivers about dangerous conditions then they can be held accountable.

What should I do if I believe that a road problem or defect caused my car accident?

The most important step to take after any accident occurs to call the proper authorities and to get medical attention for any injuries you may have. After you have been treated, you should contact a caring and knowledgeable Tennessee defective road and car accident attorney at the Higgins Firm. Cases like these can be difficult to prove and it is best to talk to one of our attorneys. We understand how confusing and difficult this may be for you. We will work with you in order to gather any evidence, witnesses, experts, medical records and anything else that may be necessary for your claim. We will then fight for you to see to it that you get the compensation you need for what you have been through. We will also help to make sure that the government or party that failed to warn drivers about safety concerns on the road are held liable and pay for their lack of actions.

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