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Abilify Compulsive Gambling Lawsuits

If You Take Abilify, Your Habits May Not Be Your Fault

Abilify, a drug sold by Bristol-Myers Squibb, is an antipsychotic drug used to treat depression, bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. If you have taken this drug and experienced negative life changes, it may not be your fault, but the result of an unintended and undisclosed side effect.

Abilify Can Create Uncontrollable Urges

According to the FDA, taking Abilify can create uncontrollable urges that cause you to behave in a manner that you never would otherwise. In some cases, this has led patients to –

  • Become addicted to gambling or, at minimum, gamble compulsively.
  • Spend compulsively while shopping.
  • Eat without being able to stop.
  • Have a compulsive sexual appetite.
Losing Money

Since Abilify can create a compulsive urge to gamble, many patients have lost thousands of dollars. In fact, a case brought by a man in Pennsylvania helped to draw attention to this side effect. He began taking the drug in 2009 when there were no warnings regarding compulsive behavior. Afterwards he began compulsively gambling and lost $36,000 in the process. Once he was no longer taking the drug, the gambling addiction stopped but by then, the losses had already occurred.

The compulsive urge to shop or eat can also lead to financial loss and the side effect of changes in sexual behavior can be even more disruptive, potentially leading to infidelity and divorce.

You Could Be Entitled to Damages

If you were taking Abilify or the generic version, Aripiprazole, and have experience uncontrollable urges, you could be entitled to compensation. To do so, you need to prove that –

  • The behavior in question originated after taking Abilify or that it greatly intensified. For example, you may have shopped every couple of months for new clothes but after taking Abilify, were at the mall daily or spent thousands each time you went.
  • You suffered financial loss due to your compulsive behavior. This is key to proving a case because if, for example, your urges resulted in innocent behavioral changes with no adverse impact on your life, it would be impossible to show that you suffered loss and deserved to be compensated. In most cases, a person has spent significantly or lost significant amounts of money.
  • You suffered personal loss due to the drug side effects. The other aspect to consider is how you have lost personally by taking the drug. For example, if the behavioral changes led to you getting divorced or losing custody of your children, the impact on your life would be far more than financial.

Proving these factors can be difficult without the assistance of a skilled attorney. Attorney Jim Higgins can gather necessary evidence and build a strong case for how taking Abilify negative impacted your life and, potentially, your future.

Valuing Your Case

Once it has been proven that taking Abilify resulted in negative behavioral changes and loss, it is time to value your claim. You could receive money for –

  • Direct financial losses from gambling, shopping, etc.
  • Money for lost wages due to missing work.
  • Pain and suffering due to lifestyle changes like getting a divorce.
  • Expenses related to trying to treat your urges.
  • Other financial expenses or losses associated with taking Abilify.
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